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A one-ingredient wonder, for minimalists.

Taking stalk of your current routine?

Good thing you found me. I’m the minimalist sort: the pure juice of organic celery stalks—and nothing else. I loathe clutter, you see, and I’ll help you sweep away yours.


I’ll admit, I’m enjoying a moment as the wellness world's darling, but I’m no ingénue. Celery was the ultimate status symbol of the Victorian era, so you might say the 1800s are back. Finally.


These days I'm prized as morning ritual: many have found that 16 oz first thing, every day, works wonders on skin health, digestion, and more. Do I promise miracles? I do not. What I promise, dear friends, is celery: hydrating, vitamin K-rich, potassium-filled, crisp, savoury, refreshing, cold-pressed celery.


Pure Celery Juice 


  • FIRST THINGS FIRST in the morning, this step aims to kick start the digestion and cleanse the system. 
  • SHELF LIFE of 3 days when kept well refrigerated. (best taken fresh)
  • DELIVERED DAILY FRESH - In the midst of modern busy lifestyle, We can regularly deliver to your home, office, cafe, shop, yoga studio or anywhere you like.