Why organic?

3 big reasons. More nutrients, no toxic pesticides, and it’s sustainable for the planet!

When is the best time to consume the shots?

Vitamins and minerals are generally best absorbed on an empty stomach, so we encourage you to take your Wellness Boosts first thing in the morning, before your first meal of the day.

Why cold pressed?

Cold pressing juice creates the most nutrient dense juice with the smoothest consistency. Cold pressing has been shown to retain 4x the nutrients when compared to other traditional methods. Above all the taste of a cold pressed shot is outstanding!


Why am I seeing separation on the bottle of my JUS shot? 

Not to worry. That is simply the sediment from the juice. Just shake it up and enjoy! 

I have allergies; can I still consume JUS shots?

We always advise you speak with your doctor if you have any health or allergy concerns before consuming our products. All our JUS shots are certified organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Absolutely no added water, natural flavors, concentrates, preservatives, extracts, artificial flavors, or colors.

Can I freeze my health shots?

If you’re unable to consume them by the best by date just pop them in the freezer and enjoy within 3 weeks. Once thawed make sure to take them the same day for best results.

How long do the JUS shots last?

Our health juice shots are high pressure processed (hpp) and last for a minimum of two weeks. 

What is high pressure processing?

High pressure processing is an amazing cold pasteurization technique that uses pure cold water, and up to 87,000 psi to inactivate pathogens to guarantee safety, nutrition, and flavor! No funky chemicals. No damaging heat. No nasty additives. 

How should I store my health shots?

Upon receiving your health shots pop them in your refrigerator immediately.

Are your health shots vegan?

Yes! All of our health shots are 100% vegan.

Where does your produce come from?

We only source superior quality ginger and turmeric from sustainable organic farms. Our produce is mostly sourced from farms in Baguio.


Any other questions please shoot us an email at jusq.ph@gmail.com

We’re here to help YOU! JUS feel amazing!